Strategic Bookkeeping Academy ~ Bookkeeping Basics Course

Strategic Bookkeeping Academy's:  Bookkeeping Basics Course includes:


Module 1:  Set-Up For Success

Module 2:  Organization is Key

Module 3:  Tracking Money In & Out

Module 4:  Maximize Your Results


This course is for you if you are...

  • Just starting your business and need a step-by-step process to make sure you have good bookkeeping processes in place?


  • Running a business that has been established for a while, but need to stop putting off getting your books in order to make sure you are maximizing your businesses potential?


  • Realizing the importance of understanding your business financials to ensure the success of your business, even though you have someone doing your bookkeeping for you.


By the end of this program, you will:


~ Have strategic processes in place do your bookkeeping consistently.

~ Feel a sense of relief knowing you are doing your bookkeeping correctly.

~ Gain confidence the numbers in your financials are accurate.

~ Find a bookkeeping solution you feel comfortable with and enjoy.

~ Gain insight on where your money is being spent.

~ Have clarity on how your business is performing currently and in the future.

~ Know which reports you should be looking at on a regular basis.


~ Understand what your financial statements tell you about your business.

~ Create up to date financial statements to make smart decisions about your business.

~ Feel good about the information you send to your tax preparer.

Strategic Bookkeeping Academy ~ Bookkeeping Basics Course


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