Children's Financial Literacy Is Important To Financial Adventure!

Welcome to Financial Adventure, LLC’s blog. We are excited to start changing the way kids and teens learn about children’s financial literacy.


Kids and teens are not getting enough financial education, and we are here to help! There is so much financial education information out there for kids and teens, yet many parents don’t have the time and find it hard to gather that information and put it into a consistent format to teach financial literacy to their children. We have a passion for teaching those incredibly important skills. Knowing kids and teens are not getting the financial education they need, we decided to act on this problem by creating an educational program that encourages kids and teens to engage in a monthly age appropriate program teaching these essential financial skills that will last them through their adult lives.

Parents, grandparents and other adults will appreciate knowing that Financial Adventure is a great program while they see the anticipation of their child awaiting their next Financial Adventure journey. We hope this program will help relieve the negative thoughts you have about not knowing if you are getting enough financial education for your child, or if they are retaining that information. We understand that teaching financial literacy can be uncomfortable and we want to make learning fun and easy. We are so glad that you are inviting our financial literacy program in to your family.

Our goal is to make learning about financial education fun, rewarding and as real-life as possible. We are eager to bring this opportunity to you. Please take a few minutes and check out our website to learn more about what we have to offer and be sure to sign up for our Free Financial Activities that you will receive via email.. Our website is and our Facebook Page is – you will be glad you took the time to learn more.

Customer service is very important to us! If you ever have any questions or comments about Financial Adventure, please feel free to email us at Info at Financial Adventure dot com, or click on the Contact Us page on our website and we will respond as soon as we can.

We hope you will enjoy our programs!


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