Financial Adventure Activity - Turn That Halloween Candy Into A Fun Activity!

Halloween is right around the corner and our Financial Adventure Activity – Turn That Halloween Candy Into A Fun Activity! could have you and your family thinking about others while you have fun and manage money all at the same time. We will try to keep this activity short and sweet (no pun intended…well maybe it was intended!).

How would you turn Halloween candy into a fun money management activity?

Have you heard about the Halloween candy buyback programs? Do some searching in your area to see who is offering this program. You could also check out this website that lists local businesses:

On Halloween take your kids out trick-or-treating like they would normally do. After they are finished, ask them to keep a small portion of candy & treats for themselves. You can’t expect them to give away all of their candy can you? Talk to them about how the candy buyback programs work and how the troops will receive their special treats and how it would make them feel to give something of their own to help brighten someone’s day. Take your kids to the local candy buyback business and see how much they are able to receive from the buyback.

Once they receive their buyback amount sit down with them and help them to decide what they would like to do with their money. Would they want to spend it? (Hopefully not on candy!) Would they want to save it? Would they want to give to a charity? Would they want to split their money up and do a little bit of everything? Talk with them about the different scenarios. After they decide what they are going to do, you could mention what you would do if it were your decision. You may also want to match the amount of their buyback to make it even more interesting.

Overall this Turn That Halloween Candy Into A Fun Activity! could be a win (your kids aren’t eating all of their candy), win (the troops receive a special surprise), win (another money lesson for your kids).

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