Financial Adventure Age Appropriate Chore Chart With Rewards!

Are you growing tired of asking your kids & teens to finish their chores around the house? Do you feel there has to be a better way to have them learn how to work for their money? Are you constantly being asked for spending money from your children? This Financial Adventure Activity – Financial Adventure Age Appropriate Chore Chart With Rewards – includes a fun project that works for kids and teens of all ages.

It is essential that parents/adults teach their kids and teens how to help out around the house and learn how they can be productive as adults as well as learn that money comes from work. Kids and teens will receive satisfaction from completing their chores. How can you do this in a fun, rewarding and simple way you ask? Financial Adventure is here to help!

First, decide what are age appropriate chores for your kids and teens. Click here for a link to an article about age appropriate chores. Next decide which chores are expected to be done by them without receiving any reward and which chores they can complete for a reward. You will need to figure out what the reward will be for each chore you decide deserves a reward. Will it be money, special activities, etc.?

Next, you will want to display each of the chores you have listed as well as the rewards. A bulletin board works great for this. Clip the reward right behind the chore as a reminder and motivation to do the chore. Make sure to keep it in a very visual place to remind everyone about each of the chores that need to be done as well as the reward for doing the chore. When a chore is complete, they instantly receive their reward. We used standard address labels to print out our chores on. Use our template and you can easily change the chores to fit your family needs. You can click here to use our template.

It is a good idea to start with a few higher priority chores and as they finish the chores, replace them with additional chores to choose from. You don’t want to overwhelm them with too many to choose from.

After implementing the Financial Adventure Age Appropriate Chore Chart With Rewards chore chart, have you noticed chores getting done faster? Do you notice that larger or harder chores with a higher reward are getting done quicker? Are you able to direct your kids and teens to the chore chart when asked for spending money? Discuss with your kids and teens the value of doing work and the rewards they receive.

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