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Piggy banks are a great way to teach your kids & teens about saving, spending and sharing their money. There are many options out there to choose from when making your own piggy bank. Make it simple by taking a small paper bag, decorating it and cutting a hole at the top to slip your money in, or go all out with a more intense DIY project like painting a jar and using the lid for your coin slot.

Do an internet search for DIY Piggy Banks and you will see there are many options for you to choose from. We found some great ideas on this website. Try to find something your kids will be interested in. Is there a favorite animal they would like or maybe even a popular movie character?

Take advantage of the time you spend on your DIY Piggy Bank to talk about finances with your child. Saving is one area you can start your conversations. If you have time, make a separate piggy bank to “Save”, “Spend” and “Share”. Have a conversation about what each bank would mean and how they would divide their money up into these banks.

Do your kids have a savings goal they are trying to reach? This is another great reason for them to make a DIY Piggy Bank. Keep it fun and interesting to help them continue to save up and reach their goal.

Not only will a DIY Piggy Bank help teach about saving, but it is also a great way to organize loose change that adds up over time.

Be sure to incorporate conversations about your saving techniques with your children as well. Talk to them about how you set goals and save your money. Do you put your money in a bank or a piggy bank? Let them know why you decide to do what you do. Kids love to learn from adults.

Piggy banks really help set a good example. They may be saving small amounts now, but as they get older they will be making more money and will benefit from this activity in the future.

Watch as their DIY Piggy Bank fills up and they reach their savings goal to purchase an item, or take them to the bank and open up a savings account so they can start earning interest.

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