Financial Adventure Pizza Battle - Homemade VS Take-Out Activity

When it comes to pizza there are so many options to choose from. This Financial Adventure Activity’s outcome will probably be different for each family participating which makes it even more versatile and fun just like the toppings on a pizza! We hope you will enjoy our Financial Adventure Pizza Battle – Homemade VS Take-Out Activity!

The Pizza Battle – Homemade VS Take-Out gives you the option of doing just the calculations, or if you have a pizza loving family go ahead and do the real deal by making a homemade pizza and also ordering a take-out pizza. Whatever your decision, keep in mind that anytime you can spend with your family cooking in the kitchen is quality family time!

Decide which pizza you are going to work with first. When you make your homemade pizza, you will want to add up all of the ingredient costs. This is also a cool way to have your kids and teens enjoy working with numbers and fractions…even if they don’t like math :) . If you purchased a full bag of cheese, but only use part of the bag, you will want to only take the cost of the amount you are using. Do this for all of the ingredients and if you really want to be concise, you can add in your electricity cost to bake the pizza.

Compare the amount from the homemade pizza with the cost of your take-out pizza. Which pizza was less expensive? Which pizza did you like more? Did you find that you paid extra for convenience? Talk about how you might be paying for convenience in other ways like purchasing already shredded cheese rather than shredding it yourself. Discuss how certain times in your life may require you to splurge and pay for the convenient items and how you can save money by doing things yourself whenever possible.

You will also want to look at what kinds of pizza you made. Did you make a homemade cheese pizza and order a cheese take-out pizza, or did you have extra ingredients on one or the other? Why might you want to keep this in consideration in future purchases? Did any additional toppings or extra cheese cost more money?

You can even take this activity one step further by finding your favorite frozen pizza to see which is more expensive. Be sure to have a conversation about what happens when you purchase items on sale?

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