Financial Adventure A Night At The Movies Activity

Of course going to the movies is fun, but did you ever think you could use it as a way to sneak in a little financial literacy with your kids and teens? There are a lot of factors to consider when you go to the movies, and budgeting will be just one portion of our A Night At The Movies Financial Adventure Activity.

A Night At The Movies Activity can be done either at the movie theatre, or if you would like a little more involvement go ahead and create your very own movie theatre in your home by renting or purchasing a movie for your family to watch. You will also want to make sure you have enough concessions on hand like pop, juice, popcorn, candy, etc. Will you need to make change for their purchases? If so, you will want to have some extra money on hand to do this as well.

Start the activity by talking to all of the family members participating about how they should set a budget for their movie night. If you are doing the activity at home, you could use play money, or real money. If using real money, will you have the family member use their own money, or will you give them money to use for the activity?

Have a conversation about how much money they have available to spend. Everyone should budget for the cost to get into the movie as well as their drink and snacks. If your movie night is at home, you can set up your concession stand with a price on each item. Will they have enough money to purchase everything they want or do they need to make a choice on a few items?

Whether at home or at the theatre, have the participants purchase their tickets and concessions on their own so they get the feel of how much money they have left to spend. You can also have a conversation about potentially saving some of their money for another time. Do they need to spend all of their money at this one outing?

Try to keep your prices as realistic as possible so the participants really get a good feel for the cost of going to a movie, but be sure to enjoy watching the movie as a family. When your Financial Adventure A Night At The Movies activity is over, ask the participants if they were surprised by anything particular when going to the movies. Did they notice that the prices of the concessions were more expensive than if they purchased them at a store you visit regularly? Have a conversation about why this might be.

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