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Live Workshop To:

Bookkeeping Business

Learn the secrets
successful bookkeepers have overcome
to raise the level of success in their bookkeeping businesses.

Join me and other entrepreneurs just like you,
with the GOAL to start a profitable bookkeeping business in our
LIVE workshop on

Monday, November 22nd at 6:00 PM Central Time


  • Not able to attend live, that's OK.  We'll be sending everyone who registers a link to join live and a replay for you to watch at your convenience.

  • You have the opportunity to submit your specific questions in advance about starting your bookkeeping business for me to cover during the workshop.

  • You'll receive the Jumpstart Your Bookkeeping Business Action Guide which is filled with checklists and action steps for you to take to get your bookkeeping business up and running quickly.

In this Workshop, you'll learn:

~ 1 ~
3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Bookkeeping Business.

~ 2 ~
Exactly What You Need To Do To Set Up Your Bookkeeping Business.

~ 3 ~
How You Can Get Your Bookkeeping Software For FREE.

~ 4 ~
The Necessary Equipment & Other Startup Costs You May Incur.

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Your Life is
About to Change in a BIG Way...
Bookkeeping is one of the most
profitable businesses...
...AND you can work from home
or anywhere you have an internet connection!

Are you asking...
Would a bookkeeping business be right for me...

...if I am a stay-at-home parent or new mom?
...if I am an accountant or bookkeeper working for an employer?
...if I am looking for additional income?
...if I want a career change?
...if I am retired (or getting close to retirement), and need supplemental income?
...if I am looking for a side-hustle?
...if I am a college student looking for extra income?
...if I don't have any bookkeeping experience?

I can give a definitive YES on ALL of these!


This Masterclass is a

Must Attend if...

  • You are thinking about starting a bookkeeping business and you want to get it right from the beginning.

  • You have an EXISTING bookkeeping business and you want to become more profitable and avoid costly mistakes.

  • You want to learn how to ensure you are taking advantage of ways other bookkeepers achieve greater success in their business.

  • You want to stop procrastinating and finally get to a place where you know EXACTLY what needs to be done so you can start getting clients.

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A Personal Invitation From Chris...

I've been working with small business owners for over 20 years,
and I know what they are looking for
when they are searching for a bookkeeper.

I'm dedicated to helping bookkeepers
start, grow and scale their own profitable bookkeeping business.

I want to share the major mistakes
people make when they are thinking about
starting a bookkeeping business so that you can avoid making
these costly mistakes and create a
profitable bookkeeping business you can be proud of.

This brand new workshop is a culmination
of the most common MISTAKES I've seen bookkeepers
make in their businesses.

If you're committed to making this the year
you finally take a step to creating
your own profitable bookkeeping business,
I can't wait to help you along your journey.

The Workshp Has Ended,
Click Here To Grab Your
Free Bookkeeping Business Starter Guide
& I'll Notify You When We Schedule Our Next Workshop.

Wishing you the best,


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