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Gain Confidence & Control of Your Finances Today!

Resources for business owners, individuals and kids & teens.

Increase your financial knowledge & succeed in every step of your life.

Is the accuracy of your bookkeeping stressing you out and keeping you up at night?

Wish you had peace of mind knowing

you are not wasting your time and

have reliable financial information?

Strategic Bookkeeping Academy

provides proven strategies & procedures

to do your own bookkeeping

confidently while saving you time and money.

Woman Studying
Girl at the Grocery Shop

Inspiring kids & teens with

age appropriate adventures in

earning, saving, spending & sharing money

while developing a strong financial foundation.


Youth Financial Journeys

teach children about money

at an early age and as they grow.

They learn to be more responsible

with their financial choices

and make smart financial decisions

throughout their adult lives.

If you need someone to help you with your business decisions, need help getting started or changing to an easier way to keep books - or just an extra brain - Chris is for you."     Janice P.

"Chris not only helped finally get our books straight, she has taught me to do them right.  In just 2 sessions Chris fixed our past problems and patiently taught me how to move forward.  Do not wait until you have problems.  Learn how to manage your books right, from the beginning."      Maggie M

“I think this is a really great concept; by teaching kids some financial literacy early on, you are equipping them to make fewer money mistakes! I think this is an excellent investment to make in your kids’ future” ~ Tiffany M.

“Teaches kids valuable lessons about money & savings that I wish I had learned when I was younger – especially for college!” ~ Emily B.

“After we completed the first two exercises it was clear how much time and thought went into designing this program.” ~ Melissa S.

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