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Financial Adventure Partner Program

Partner Discounts on Financial Adventure Journeys

Our Online Piggy's, Kid's & Teen's and Teen's Advanced Financial Adventure Journeys are now available to you at a discounted rate.

Email us at Info @ FinancialAdventure .com today to see how you can begin to offer these products to members in your community!


Treasure My Future Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conferences

Financial Adventure LLC now offers Treasure My Future Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conferences.  Designed by a CPA with a passion for teaching kids & teens financial literacy and building their money management and financial awareness skills with fun and educational programs, Treasure My Future Conferences are for organizations that want to be a leader and stand out in their community by showing they care and understand there is a missing component many of our youth desperately need to have a happy and healthy financial outlook in life.  Our conferences provide a unique simple and cost-effective way for organizations to hold a financial literacy conference by incorporating their event on our Treasure My Future website, utilize our logo and streamline the design, marketing and registration process for their event which eliminates the struggle they have with limited resources to help increase financial literacy in their communities while reaching out and creating relationships with students and families which could turn into potential new clients.


If you are interested in hosting a Treasure My Future Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conference in your community, email us at Info @ FinancialAdventure .com and view our website for more information.  We are making it simple, straightforward and easy for you to host one of these much needed events in your area!

Who Can Benefit

& What's It All About?

  • Our Financial Adventure Partner Program is for banks, credit unions, non-profits, financial advisors, accountants and other organizations interested in raising financial literacy knowledge in and around their community.

  • Organizations wanting to make connections with kids, families, moms, dads, communities, schools and are interested in educating kids and teens about money management.

  • Organizations looking to attract new clients by building financial literacy awareness.

  • Designed by a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience and a passion for teaching financial literacy, Financial Adventure teaches kids and teens essential financial skills. By reaching out to them at an early age they learn to be more responsible with their financial choices as they grow and make smart financial decisions throughout their lives.

  • We provide age appropriate programs incorporating financial information from normal day to day lives and simplify it for kids and teens either as a one time event or a series of events. We also offer a useful Financial Adventure Essentials Kit including items such as our Financial Adventure Calculator, Financial Adventure Piggy Bank, Financial Adventure Checkbook and Financial Adventure Rewards Tracker.

  • Our programs are offered directly to adults for kids and teens on our website and we provide discounts and additional programs for organizations interested in helping teach financial literacy in their communities just like you.

  • What are others saying about our Financial Adventure Programs?

  • “I think this is a really great concept; by teaching kids some financial literacy early on, you are equipping them to make fewer money mistakes! I think this is an excellent investment to make in your kids’ future” ~ Tiffany M.

  • “Teaches kids valuable lessons about money & savings that I wish I had learned when I was younger – especially for college!” ~ Emily B.

  • “After we completed the first two exercises it was clear how much time and thought went into designing this program.” ~ Melissa S.

Why Should You Offer

Financial Adventure

At Your Organization?

  • By marketing our unique Financial Adventure programs that are fun and rewarding for kids & teens, you position your organization as a much needed financial literacy resource.

  • Your organization will stand out from other organizations by offering a different service that is fun and rewarding for kids and teens.

  • Show you care by increasing financial literacy knowledge in your community easily by teaching something that you already believe in and most adults don’t feel comfortable talking to their kids and teens about.

  • Each age appropriate program consists of processes for you to easily measure results and the direct impact you are making with kids and teens and allows you to share that information with your organization and the community.

  • Think about how relaxed and at ease parents and other adults will feel when they leave your organization knowing their child has started down the right money management path.

  • We know your resources are limited so we designed our Financial Adventure programs to be cost effective and easy for you to implement. We take the hassle out of the time consuming tasks of developing a curriculum, deciding how to organize your event and even what you should talk about to make learning financial literacy fun and rewarding for kids and teens.

How Will You Offer

Financial Adventure?

  • We encourage organizations to hold fun and exciting events for kids and teens. We provide information and resources for you to plan your Financial Adventure event whether you are looking for something extra like a Financial Adventure Essentials Kit to add to your existing events or you are interested in holding a Financial Adventure session or would like to offer a Financial Adventure series with multiple sessions enforcing consistent money management skills.

  • We work with you to help customize the Financial Adventure Partner Program specific to your organization and include exclusive discounts to offer from your organization. Since Financial Adventure is a stand alone product, your clients will never feel like you are making a “sales pitch” to them and they will be more comfortable engaging with you at your organization. Of course, Financial Adventure is all about earning, saving, spending and sharing money so it fits in well with many organizations.

  • We are compiling a list of Financial Adventure Partners and will list each partner’s organization along with information about them on our website with a link back to their organization.  You can even list information about your upcoming Financial Adventure events so individuals can find your organization easily.

  • Ready to get started?  Let us know what you would like to get started with or let us know if you have any questions by sending us an email at – we are looking forward to working with you to increase the financial literacy in your community!

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