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An EXCLUSIVE Coaching Program For Business Owners, Accountants
& Other High-Stress Professionals
Who Are Ready To Create
More Joy, Purpose, And Fulfillment
By Integrating Their
Professional And Personal Life.



Do you think you can only achieve a successful professional life

by sacrificing your personal life and well-being?

Do you think it's normal to feel burnt out from

the pressure of tight deadlines,

workloads, long hours, and client demands?

It's time to change your belief...

and enjoy a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Working with Chris helped me organize my thoughts, choose clear priorities, and have a weekly plan set in place to achieve the goals I'd put in place. Since working with Chris I've had a drastic difference in my work-life balance creating solid boundaries that in the end gave me more freedom to be fully present in my business during my allotted working hours and fully present with my family afterward. Chris led me through a very busy season in my personal life and a key transitional time in my business with sincerity, an open mind, and strong ideas to implement to my business strategy. Chris is definitely someone I'd recommend to help you name and obtain your goals as an entrepreneur.  Madison

How many times have you tried time management systems,

or promised yourself you were going to work less hours

and take more time for yourself?


When we have careers in HIGH-STRESS professions,

we tend to think it's "normal" to feel burnt out

from the pressure of tight deadlines,

workloads, long hours, and client demands.

The truth is...

Most of us don't value taking time for ourselves.

We think it will get better over time, but realize it's only getting worse.

>  Living with all this stress is unhealthy.

>  It is possible to have a professional life and personal life we enjoy.

The reality is:

It is hard.

There are a lot of deadlines.

It is stressful.

Most experience burnout.

It takes a lot of hard work to be successful.

You wonder if it is all worth it.

The vision you originally had is way different than what is actually happening.


Ironically enough...

Once you really look at the truth of owning a business, having a career in accounting or other high-stress professions and stop looking at all the negative aspects of what you deal with on a daily basis, the profession you have chosen can actually be the most exciting and enjoyable endeavor you could think of.

Nothing could beat it.

You get to help others with your experience.

You get to make an impact on the world.

You get to provide solutions to help make life easier for others.

You get satisfaction and are able to reap the benefits of everything you've worked so hard for.

You have the ability to achieve more than you thought was ever possible!

Which means, you're going to need...

The right kind of support:

>  Strategy

>  Mentorship

>  Coaching fulfill your potential and intentionally create the extraordinary life you deserve.


Being a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Life Coach, and owning my own business for the last 20+ years, I know the habits and patterns that business owners, accountants and other high-stress professionals share, as well as the ones that can really help you reach your goals in both your professional life and your personal life.


I understand because I've been there.  I've worked the long hours, dealt with the pressure of tight deadlines and client demands, and have been on the verge of burnout.  I know what you need to do to really make a difference in your life so that you can enjoy a more purposeful and fulfilled life while having a successful career.

I've taken this experience, knowledge, and insight and created a program exclusively for business owners, accountants, and other high-stress professionals who are looking for help creating a life where they can actually enjoy both aspects of their professional and personal life in a healthy way and to stop living a life full of stress, overwhelm and resentment.

It's time to change what you think is just "normal".

An Elite Coaching Program For Business Owners, Accountants & Other High-Stress Professionals
Who Want To Stop Resenting Their Current Life
And Start Enjoying A Life With More Purpose And Fulfillment.


Get Started In Three Simple Steps:

#1:  Try It Out For Free By Clicking The Button Above
& You'll Have The Option To Enroll After You Receive Your Response

#2:  Once Enrolled, You'll Receive Information Immediately
About How To Start Making Powerful Shifts In Your Life.

#3:  You Get To See What's Possible In Your Life And How
Every Small Change You Make Adds Up To Something Big!

How It Works:


Lotus Flower White.png
Lotus Flower White.png

The Balance DAILY Life Coaching program is capped and there may be a waitlist to join.  We are currently accepting business owners, CPAs, accountants, tax preparers, bookkeepers, and other high-stress professionals.


You enroll on a month to month basis, and you can cancel at any time.  As you already know, any kind of real progress and momentum takes time to achieve.  Our clients are reducing stress and crushing their goals 30 days at a time.  Most of our clients see the value in their first few weeks and many decide to stay in the program to continue reaching additional goals in their business, career and personal life.

The amount of action and results that get done in this program are AMAZING!

***We LOVE referrals!  Learn more about our referral program by CLICKING HERE.***

The program is built on three pillars:


Your Personal Life

Your Professional Life

Your Well-Being

You Receive High Touch Support:

DAILY ONE ON ONE SUPPORT ~ You can message your coach anytime 24/7, and your coach will respond within 24 hours during business hours.  You go at your own pace, when it's convenient, whether that's daily or when it works best for you.

ACCOUNTABILITY MEETINGS ~ You have the option to schedule additional private one-on-one accountability meetings as needed with your coach at a discounted rate.


Your strategic plans, decisive action, and the key relationship you build with your coach ultimately lead to your overall success.



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The Balance DAILY Life Coaching Program

About Your Coach...


Chris Panek

Chris is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Life Coach, has been a business owner for 20+ years and has grown it to a successful six figure business.  She is currently in the process of helping business owners, accountants and other high-stress professionals feel relief from the overwhelm and stress as well as the pressure of tight deadlines, workloads and client/customer demands they experience all while creating a personal life full of purpose and joy.


Chris has inspired and equipped her clients with the skills and strategies they need to reduce stress, strengthen and maintain their emotional health and increase their well-being as well as succeed in their professional life.


Helping her clients see what is possible for them to achieve in just 30 days, and watch them obtain more fulfillment in their lives has brought so much meaning to her own life. 





Next Steps


If you need help with creating a more positive, happy & joyful life for yourself...

If you need strategic advice so that you can achieve your personal & professional goals...

If you're ready for a solution where you can talk with your coach on a daily basis...


You can enroll now to the

Balance DAILY Life Coaching Program.








Choose Balance DAILY Life Coaching

When The Traditional "Life Coaching" Model Doesn't Work For You...


~  You have a busy life & limited time.

~  You have scheduling or budget constraints.

~  You express yourself more clearly in writing.

~  You like the option to take time to think things through before responding.

~  You have a hard time taking time away from your professional life to increase your well-being.

~  You don't have time to schedule or show up for a weekly coaching session.

~  You want to work on your goals every day.

~  You like having direct access to your coach instead of waiting for an appointment.

~  You don't want to have to remember what you want to work on with your coach that week.

~  You want to reach out to your coach throughout the week.

~  You are more introverted and feel like you can open up more than in face-to-face situations.

~  You tend to forget what you talked about on the previous weekly coaching session.

~  You have a hard time showing up for your coaching sessions.

~  You don't want to run out of time during your session.

~  You don't like picking up where you left off.



Balance DAILY Life Coaching allows you to...


Ask questions and talk with your coach at your own pace.

~  Reach out anytime you have a thought, feeling or experience you need help with 24/7.

~  Build a more solid relationship working daily with your coach.

Achieve results faster, resolve problems & see change quicker.

~  Work on multiple topics throughout the week without time constraints.

~  Create an ongoing dialogue with your coach.

~  Work in real-time and get feedback as life is happening & when you need it most.

~  Never feel like you are forced to get coaching at a specific time.

~  Create a stronger relationship with your coach in a relaxed daily atmosphere.

~  Move forward with your coach one month at a time.

It's all about the frequency!

Utilize the Balance DAILY Life Coaching process to integrate your whole life...

your business, your career, your family life, and your emotional health.

See the results as you increase your well-being & create a more positive, happy & joyful life.




It's up to you to create a life-changing experience.

Are you ready to INTENTIONALLY create what you want in your life?

Let's work together to create your EXTRAORDINARY life!





If you feel like you're trapped in your career,

stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, bored or uninspired...


Then this is where you will begin,

and when you work with me, you'll:

Start seeing yourself as the person you want to be...

smart, powerful, & self-confident.

Create the life where you show up on purpose

and achieve the goals you set for yourself personally & professionally.

Imagine your life with the relationships that are important to you,

the business or career you succeed in, the goals you achieve,

the money you want to make, the overall well-being you create,

the amount of happiness & joy you'd experience

when you live your whole life integrated and balanced.

It's not your professional life "OR" your personal life,

when you believe you can integrate both and achieve BALANCE,

you can live your EXTRAORDINARY life.

Lotus Flower White.png

Get ready for a life where you can confidently:
Set & Achieve Your Goals
Prevent Procrastination
Manage & Take Control Of Your Time
Create Boundaries & Honor Them
Increase Your Self-Confidence & Self-Trust

Stop Worrying About Others Opinions Of You
Maintain Better Relationships
Make Decisions
Get Organized & More Efficient
Identify Your Blind Spots
Let Go Of Your Past & Focus On your Future
Create More Feelings Of Abundance
Work On Your Perfectionism
Increase Positive Self-Talk
Prevent People Pleasing
Learn To Say "No"
Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
Overcome Obstacles & Pitfalls
Reduce Overwhelm
Be Present In Your Life
Infuse Self-Care Into Your Daily Lifestyle
Accelerate Your Personal Development
Gain Awareness
Simplify & Enjoy Your Life
Create Overall BALANCE

Stop waiting to be courageous enough to just begin.

"Chris Panek has been a vital part of the organizational system for accounting in my small business.  She has assisted me in setting up my day-to-day operations, along with saving me valuable time by keeping up with the current and ever-changing tax laws.  At the end of each year, filing my taxes has been a quick and simple process.  I feel I can go to Chris anytime and ask the questions I need to stay operating with efficiency.  Often times small businesses fail because they don't have organized systems.  Chris has helped in keeping my busy company on task and made me feel secure in the often-intimidating world of accounting.  We are a better business because of her expertise!"      Beth

Office Desk

"Chris Panek helped make our dream of improving our financial health and growing our business a reality.  Chris is creative, intelligent, flexible, and kind.  Through her patience and extensive experience, she has helped me greatly improve my comprehension and understanding of bookkeeping and accounting, which has increased my ability and confidence to make sound business decisions.  She continually works with us and gives us options that align with our situation and needs.  Prior to working with Chris, I lost sleep over whether or not our financial statements and tax information were correct - now, I have complete confidence that our financial information is sound and accurate.  To say that this is a relief is an understatement!!  With Chris Panek, you aren't treated like a number on a balance sheet; you are treated like a member of her family.  I can't say enough how grateful we are to her for her help, expertise, and guidance.  Whether you are considering hiring a bookkeeper/accountant, want to eliminate the stress involved with that tax appointment, or simply want a more personal and fulfilling relationship with your bookkeeper, do yourself a favor and meet with Chris Panek.  It will be one of the best decisions you ever make!"  Melissa

"I wanted to invest in my education and skills. I had a realization that I am my own greatest asset and that I needed to invest in and develop my professional skills. I trusted you because of your high quality content that helps me on a daily basis! You called me right away and took lots of time with me on the phone. You provided outstanding references. I can see that it is possible for me to earn more money at what I'm doing. I'm understanding how to re-imagine myself as a business rather than an employee or independent contractor. "      Rachelle

Woman Typing
Woman on Computer

"My biggest issue was not knowing where to start.  I was afraid of starting the bookkeeping business and not knowing what or how to run which reports.  Luckily I found Chris at the right moment in starting my bookkeeping business.  One of my fears was not knowing how to run something or having enough knowledge of bookkeeping and running my own business.  The best thing that I’ve realized is I can do it and I am busy getting my first client. "  Shani

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