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Why Financial Adventure?

How we treat our finances has a direct impact on the way we live. Financial Adventure inspires kids & teens with age appropriate adventures in earning, saving, spending & sharing money while developing a strong financial foundation. When you teach children about money at an early age and as they grow, they will learn to be more responsible with their financial choices and make smart financial decisions throughout their adult lives.

What Are Others Saying About Our Programs?

“I think this is a really great concept; by teaching kids some financial literacy early on, you are equipping them to make fewer money mistakes! I think this is an excellent investment to make in your kids’ future” ~ Tiffany M.

“Teaches kids valuable lessons about money & savings that I wish I had learned when I was younger – especially for college!” ~ Emily B.

“After we completed the first two exercises it was clear how much time and thought went into designing this program.” ~ Melissa S.

Financial Adventure Makes It Easy For You!

Financial Adventure is simple, easy and delivered right to you. We take the hassle out of trying to gather all the necessary information needed to teach your children financial literacy on your own. We incorporate our great monthly programs which combine learning extremely important financial skills in a fun and rewarding environment. Sign up for our Free Financial Activities today.

Our Unique Programs

Each program is designed by Chris, our Chief Adventure Creator, who is a Certified Public Accountant and financial expert with over twenty years of experience. Knowing that kids need to have fun to stay engaged in what they do, she developed this program to ensure just that. Imagine the anticipation of your child awaiting their special delivery each and every month. You know it is a great program and they are learning along the way, but kids and teens see it as an exciting adventure they get to complete and be rewarded for. We incorporate financial information from our normal day to day lives and simplify it for kids and teens so they are able to learn from these financial activities.

How do we keep Kids & Teens Interested?

This program is a new concept that will keep kids and teens engaged on a month to month basis, not like a workbook that when finished gets put on a shelf and never looked at again. We make it easy for you by taking our passion for teaching those incredibly important skills and turning it into a fun and exciting Financial Adventure journey for you and your child.


Is Teaching My Children Financial Education Really Necessary?

Yes, It Is…Take A Look At A Few Statistics and Information:

46% of of over 8400 participants, ages 15 to 18 years old, failed the NFEC’s National Financial Literacy Test of 30 questions, scoring 60% or lower.  Statistics based on the National Financial Educators Council.


43.6% of high school seniors did not know what is taken out of their total amount earned on their paycheck arriving at their take home pay.

44.2% of high school seniors have their own credit card.

49.9 % of high school seniors say they use their debit (or ATM) card for getting cash from an ATM and for buying things directly.

43.7% of high school seniors do not have a bank account.

Statistics above are based on the results of the Jump$tart Coalition® for Personal Financial Literacy Survey. (6,856 High School Seniors)


Is your state required to teach financial literacy?

Check your state’s requirements by clicking on this link:


Parents believe that there are several areas of personal finance where their kids need to improve, the top three mentioned are how to stick to a budget and live within their means (48%), how to save money (42%), and how to invest money wisely (33%).

48% of parents believe their young adult children are financially responsible, yet only 23% say their kids are very knowledgeable about money management.

Statistics above are based on the results of Charles Schwab 2010 Families & Money Survey.

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